About our Firm

About the Firm

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney: Board Certified Since 1994
Scott P. Williams, PA utilizes a “Hands On” approach to the management of your case.
Our small law firm specializes in Florida Workers’ Compensation Law cases. We have a thorough understanding of this critical area of law and focus our total resources to ensure we deliver optimal legal representation to our clients.


An Attorney Will “Coach” You Throughout The Entire Process: Not a Paralegal
Your case will be personally handled by Scott P. Williams, Esquire.
We feel your case is important. Every detail of your case (from the first conversation to final settlement) will be handled by a Board Certified Florida Workers’ Compensation Law attorney. We believe our clients deserve the very best legal counsel: we never turn your case over to a paralegal.


We Pay Strict Attention To Detail: We Are Proactive In Our Approach


It’s crucial that we track every detail of your case, and do. As our client, you will benefit from the micromanagement of your file by a licensed attorney. We understand the system and are very proactive in our strategy to represent your best interests. Scott P. Williams, Esq., will rigorously pursue all elements of your case and keep you aware of important events.